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Sophie Stott is a singer, performer, musician and vocal coach with a career spanning 15 years.

She has been fortunate to work alongside some incredible musicians performing at venues and festivals including The Hippodrome, Rivoli Ballroom, 100 Club, Ain't Nothing but the Blues Bar, Boomtown Fair, Standon Calling, Rollright Fayre, Passing Clouds, Hootenanny's and The Famous Spiegeltent as part of Wonderground Festival on London's South Bank.

Sophie is passionate about the music-making process and in addition to performing, is a keen songwriter, producer and sonic artist.  She loves collaborating with artists, musicians and developers from all backgrounds, and is currently developing a movement-reactive audio installation using Max MSP, a Kinect and various digital audio workstations.


In addition to singing, Sophie plays piano, guitar, ukulele and trumpet. Sophie is based in London (UK).

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